Welcome to our Website

Welcome. We have put this together to give a little flavour of what we are doing and experiencing here in Argentina. We hope that you will enjoy looking around, and that it will give you some impression of what we are up to here. We have included our newsletters, some articles on what we are doing, and our perspectives on life in Argentina.

We also have a blog which is less formal and includes things like quotes, ideas, and day to day happenings.

About Us

We are Martin and Hazel Frost, with our sons Jonathan (born September 2007) and Daniel (May 2011). We moved from the UK to Argentina in Novem ber 2005. Initially we were based in the city of Cordoba, where Joni was born, but since October 2008 we have been in the small city of San Francisco on the east side of the province of Cordoba. In our previous professions, Martin was a programmer of databases for an international bank, and Hazel was a special needs teacher running a community based leisure project for adults with learning disabilities. Here in San Francisco we are involved in a variety of activities, including bible teaching, web-writing, prison visiting, working with ex-prisoners, English conversation, school support, and a rural community project in the village of Quebracho Herrado.

Our Organisation

organisation logoWe are working for an organisation called Latin Link. You can find information about Latin Link on their website at www.latinlink.org. There is also information about short term opportunities with Latin Link on www.stepteams.org. Latin Link are not responsible for the content of our website, so if you have any comments or compliments to make then you need to contact us.

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