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OMF Australia's National Conference 2014

Missionary Blogs - 0 sec ago
Friday  The morning was spent travelling, we left home at 6am, snagging some breakfast on the run out the door, and in the car. Actually we ended up grazing most of the morning on the healthy...

CBM Team Meetings in Africa

Missionary Blogs - 5 hours 14 min ago
Meeting with the Canadian Baptist Ministries (CBM) Kenya team in Nairobi, Kenya  This past week, Erica and I had the joy of meeting with our Canadian and national field staff in both Rwanda...

The Gulet Boat Adventures and More: Part Two

On the way to Marmaris our friend Mark Fairchild suggested we stop at Nysa, not to be confused with Nyssa (as in Gregory’s turf in Cappadocia). It is not a Biblical site, but it was once a pretty impressive Greco-Roman city, as you will now see, but first a pit stop at another one of [Read More...]

Answered Prayer & Amazing Generosity

Missionary Blogs - Mon, 09/01/2014 - 13:17
In late July, our lives turned from predictable to chaotic.  We were involved in packing up the house and moving from a suburb of Nairobi to a home closer to the city center.  After a...

He’s Pickin’ and I’m Prayin’

Missionary Blogs - Mon, 09/01/2014 - 12:08
Matt is at the car graveyard again today picking parts. It wasn’t just the battery that stranded us yesterday. Armed with a brand new battery last night we drove down to say goodbye to our...

Some photos from our conference weekend

Missionary Blogs - Mon, 09/01/2014 - 10:10
We were in Sydney from Friday morning until yesterday, participating in OMF Australia's National Conference. Many different people came, quite different to a Field Conference where it is only...

No Longer an Outsider!

Missionary Blogs - Mon, 09/01/2014 - 05:30
In June, I had the privilege of flying to Madang province, where the Ogea people live, as a guest at their dedication celebration for the translation of the New Testament into Ogea. I was serving as...

The Gulet Boat Adventures and More: Part One

Ben Witherington - Bible and Culture - Mon, 09/01/2014 - 02:11
After leading a tour as extensive and intensive as the tour we did of Israel and Turkey, what do you do for an encore? Well, before the encore….. we went to the beach. A really nice beach, Chesme (which means fountain), on the east coast of Turkey, and not far from Izmir, which served as [Read More...]

Most Recent EMMC

Missionary Blogs - Sun, 08/31/2014 - 19:39
     The most recent Evangelistic Medical Mission Crusade took place from August 17-23, 2014 as part of our partnership with the Guerrero Baptist Convention and the Baptist General...


Missionary Blogs - Sun, 08/31/2014 - 17:20
This past week has held a few. In beginning the long journey toward an MDiv through Moody Theological Seminary, I started the first 7 week class.   I was told that the courses would require an...

Clean, Cleared and Commissioned!

Missionary Blogs - Sun, 08/31/2014 - 15:06
We’ve got certificates flying all over the place right now! It’s OFFICIAL! We got our DEPARTURE CLEARANCE from WorldVenture last week! What does that mean? It means that each of the departments at...

Fasting September 1-21

Missionary Blogs - Sun, 08/31/2014 - 14:51
Join us over at the 24 Prayer Uganda blog for more details!

Defeating Fear

Missionary Blogs - Sun, 08/31/2014 - 05:54
I have recently been reading the Old Testament chronologically.  I noticed that Israel had times of fear (which became complaints) and they cried out in fear (which became anger) because they...

Wright’s Paul and the Faithfulness of God– Part Seventy Nine

Ben Witherington - Bible and Culture - Sun, 08/31/2014 - 02:45
Balance is what Tom calls for in the discussion of Paul’s already and not yet comments on rulers and authorities, and I quite agree. And the not yet seems clearly enough in play in 2 Thess. 2.1-5 when we hear about the man of lawlessness who will be revealed, who usurps divine roles, making himself [Read More...]

Alaska 2014 Newsletter

Missionary Blogs - Sat, 08/30/2014 - 23:53
Check it out here!

New Jersey Church Team

Missionary Blogs - Sat, 08/30/2014 - 13:58
On Monday August 11th we had a team arrive ate at midnight at the YWAM base where I serve at here in Târgu Mureş, Romania. They were a youth/ young adult’s team from a church in New Jersey. They...

Arrived - But Still On the Go!

Missionary Blogs - Sat, 08/30/2014 - 12:29
One of the points of coming back to the US is to meet up with family and friends I never get to see! This summer I've seen so much of my family around the US! It's been great! Another purpose is to...

Tokyo is huge

Missionary Blogs - Sat, 08/30/2014 - 09:41
Tokyo is huge. As confirmed by this blogpost with some cool maps: http://tokyodesu.com/2014/08/26/every-country-highlighted-on-this-map-has-a-smaller-population-than-tokyo/

Repointing a Wall

Missionary Blogs - Sat, 08/30/2014 - 02:56
1 Peter 2:5 says; And you are living stones that God is building into his spiritual temple. What's more, you are his holy priests. Through the mediation of Jesus Christ, you offer spiritual...

Red Cliffs 1

Missionary Blogs - Sat, 08/30/2014 - 02:49
Last fall we spent a few weeks camping in some of the epic National Parks in the U.S.  My previous post was on the Angels Landing Trail in Zion National Park.  Since I'm back to that theme,...
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