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Update On Aunty Henna

Sun, 03/27/2016 - 08:21
I'm delighted to say that Aunty Henna is home again!

She had pneumonia and has high BP. I was thrilled to visit today and find family members buying her food and pouring over her Discharge form with a dictionary!! As usual, everyone was waiting for me (the non medic!) to explain the medication! So what have you been up to I ask her, "praying" she answers! She really is my very own Aunt Clara from The War Room!! Such fun also to see her face as she was blessed with a DVD player, one of her heart's desires

Thank you Lord!

Go-Kart A GoGo

Mon, 03/21/2016 - 12:21
Today is a public holiday and what better way to spend it than on servicing/upgrading the boys' Go-Kart.

First job was to replace the broken front axle, it was a bit of a swine to do given that it involved drilling right through the length of the wood, but the finished job looks and works a treat.

Next up I swapped the old crate seat for a scavenged school style seat which I'd seen on a building site whilst out walking Rosie.

Personally I'm really chuffed with how it's all turned out and the boys gave it their approval declaring it to be "cool".

The Go-Kart is made from entirely upcycled parts apart from the front wheels. The wood was all scrounged by moi. The rear subframe and wheels are from an old golf cart and the seat is from a building site.

The front axle had split in half so there was no choice but to replace it.

The new seat

The old seat removed

Ta da!  I'm very happy with how it looks!

Aunty Henna

Sun, 03/20/2016 - 11:21
Over the years many of you have visited our friends in Chris Nissen Park and will remember my dear friend Aunty Henna from the HOPE Home Based Care team. Please will you pray for her as she is now in hospital with a respiratory infection and the Dr is also querying a stroke. I have just been to see her and we talked, read the Bible and prayed together. As we might expect, she is in her usual great spirit, full of faith and can't wait to leave and go home! That I can understand as the conditions at the hospital are really not great. I took her some melon scented wet wipes which we laughed about together, but as soon as I left I heard her opening them!! She's the oldest in her ward by at least 30 years but she's busy chatting to them all and talking about Jesus! Please pray that she recovers quickly and that she has not in fact had a stroke.


The Teenager Has Landed

Sat, 03/19/2016 - 04:07
Wishing our big 13 year old a 
Very Happy Birthday.
We can't quite believe that we got here but we're so proud of you son!

As Paula said on Facebook: Joel you are an exceptional, unique young man and we are so excited to walk into this next stage of life with you! Praying that "you will grow in wisdom and stature and in favour with God and man" just as Jesus did here on earth. Love you loads!


Wed, 02/10/2016 - 03:36
Some of you have been on safari and will have enjoyed looking at the Big 5, they are a truly spectacular group of animals.

What you may not know though, is that there is also a Little 5 of some equally amazing animals.

We have the Antlion or Lion Ant in our garden and as the drought intensifies so does their hunting activity.

In fact it's not an ant at all but rather the larva of the Neuroptera a dragonfly type insect. Whilst it's in the larva stage it burrows into the ground and forms a small pit with incredibly smooth sides. It then waits patiently for ants or other small insects to fall in and eats them. Once an ant is in the pit there is no escape!

On this finished trap the sides are visibly smooth, as is the Antlion waiting at the bottom, normally they're very well hidden.