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Ebola: asking for wisdom and faith

Missionary Blogs - Tue, 09/09/2014 - 17:56
We figured it would only be a matter of time until Ebola made it to Senegal. I’m actually quite surprised it took as long as it did for Senegal to have its first confirmed case, seeing what its...

Culture shock while driving

Missionary Blogs - Tue, 09/09/2014 - 17:23
Look at this lovely road we drive on every time we leave home in Australia!  I've done so much more driving here than I ever do in Japan, mostly because things are just much further apart....

From Black Jackets to Blue Notes

Ben Witherington - Bible and Culture - Tue, 09/09/2014 - 17:01
‘If Music be the food of love—- play on!’ said Shakespeare, and he was right. I have had quite the musical weekend, in between a lot of work for CNN, recording some shows for next Easter week. First, Ann and I went to see the Black Jacket Symphony perform a note for note rendering of [Read More...]

September news from the Burgins

Missionary Blogs - Tue, 09/09/2014 - 12:45
Ron and Jeanie Burgin Campus Crusade for Christ Latin America and the Caribbean                       Dear Friends, Greetings...

WhiteGirl and the Owner of Spiciness

Missionary Blogs - Tue, 09/09/2014 - 10:25
As you know by now, I have a big soft spot in my heart for kiddos who have been extremely burned. They are the bravest and sweetest little people I get to work with.  Often they come to our...

One Akora, Two Akora

Missionary Blogs - Tue, 09/09/2014 - 04:30
Having fun with Uniskript! photo by Robbie and Debbie PettersonThe schoolchildren crowded in closer, intently watching the cards. Robbie scribbled a few more symbols, then held them up for all to...

It's a Girl

Missionary Blogs - Mon, 09/08/2014 - 17:46
Well, it's official.  B. is a daddy! For those of you who have come to Galmi and worked alongside us, you will know that B. has a soft spot for the kiddos that pass through our doors.  And...

Container Conundrums: Part I

Missionary Blogs - Mon, 09/08/2014 - 13:56
And now, welcome to the newest multi-part series as we move to Ecuador!   As we were getting our visas from the Vice-Consul, we were chatting with him about going and taking a container and...

The Weekend

Missionary Blogs - Mon, 09/08/2014 - 12:23
Cruz's school started a fundraiser where the kids can wear anything they want on Friday's and pay Q2. That's about a quarter in U.S. money. Cruz loves the idea and looked forward to it all last...

Origami, rubbish sorting, and all sorts of fun

Missionary Blogs - Mon, 09/08/2014 - 11:47
Musical night On Friday night I went to our younger sons' school musical. The kind where everyone has a role, there were hardly any main parts. It was written by staff and fairly well done. The...

Island Ministry

Missionary Blogs - Mon, 09/08/2014 - 07:42
I had the opportunity to minister with a group of pastors and church leaders on Namitale Island on Thursday.  It was a cool experience.  There is no electricity or running water on this...

Take the Time to Look

Missionary Blogs - Mon, 09/08/2014 - 06:18
Every now and then I will find myself going through life looking at the ground. Just marching along looking at nothing but where to put my feet. In other words only  concerned with myself or those I...

New Ministry Video

Missionary Blogs - Mon, 09/08/2014 - 05:56
Did you blink? Then you probably missed us. We were in the US this summer for a working vacation visiting supporters, friends, family, and doing some personal business. We had a great time visiting...

Prayer in September

Missionary Blogs - Mon, 09/08/2014 - 05:51
ANSWERED PRAYER 1. Our new career missionary Ian Smith has arrived. Along with some orientation, we have located him an apartment, and he begins full-time language study today. Continue to pray for...


Missionary Blogs - Mon, 09/08/2014 - 05:50
We are so grateful to you for your financial support to permit us to serve in Japan. Our days are busy sharing Christ, nurturing followers of Christ, developing transformational leaders, equipping...

Take the Time to Look

Missionary Blogs - Mon, 09/08/2014 - 03:18
Every now and then I will find myself going through life looking at the ground. Just marching along looking at nothing but where to put my feet. In other words only  concerned with myself or those I...

The Gulet Boat Adventures and More: Part Eight

Ben Witherington - Bible and Culture - Mon, 09/08/2014 - 02:04
We left Rhodes and headed to Fethiye to see the Lykian rock cut tombs, explore a museum, and to celebrate an anniversary and a birthday. Ann and I were celebrating our 37th anniversary on June 4th, and our guide and good friend Mel was soon thereafter celebrating a birthday. So, party first, explore later….. here [Read More...]

Visa Mayhem Part VI: Adventures in Washington!

Missionary Blogs - Sun, 09/07/2014 - 20:54
Matt laboured all “labour day” to get the car sorted out and ready for our visa trip to Washington, and after a late night of preparations, we made it off (relatively) early Tuesday...

August Romania Update!

Missionary Blogs - Sun, 09/07/2014 - 11:23
September 2, 2014 Dear Family and Friends, I hope you are doing well! Can you believe that we are already at the beginning of September and the summer is already over? I hope the summer was a time of...
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