This week I just bought my first thing on ebay, and set up a pay-pal account. Does that mean I’m in the 21st century now, or do I have to set up a facebook account… oh please don’t make me have to join facebook.
Yesterday we went to see some wonderful people near Dartford. We even volunteered to drive round the M25 and queue for the Dartford crossing on a weekday because we really wanted to see them. Some people really inspire us, not flashy types, just quietly getting on with walking the talk in the place where God has put them. And they have Battenberg cake.

Tomorrow we’re off to Keswick convention for a week. I’m hoping for good teaching and some nice weather to climb hills. I’d like to climb Skiddaw with Joni on my back, and see the ospreys at Dodds Wood.

I’m working on writing something about the whole Gafcon / homosexual debate thing. It’s disturbing me and I probably need to write about it in order to think about it.

Meanwhile here’s a few gems from the last couple of weeks…
Bumped into a kid who I’d met at a school Christian union meeting. Greets me warmly. Her friend asks “who’s that?” She replies “Oh she came to that thing at school, you know, the one where you get food and that…”

Old man up the road from us, not sure what to do with his cardboard waste… “I think I’ll just put it in with the re-circulating”

At a church service, person leading worship; “this is an internal notice for Ann…. How great the father’s love for us, how vast beyond all measure… no everyone it’s not a message from the Lord, I’ve just forgotten to write the words out”

“Don’t let your husband’s mind wander; it’s too small to be allowed out on its own”

Seen on a postcard “Cracked people are valuable because they let the light through”

Have a good week everyone

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