Suspended Animation

Hey, what’s going on? Well, we ran around a lot in England and generally had far too much fun. We were sort of prepared to come back to Argentina, but we weren’t really prepared at all actually to be back here if that difference makes any sense. We got off the plane and thought “flip, now where are we?” and then we all caught some stomach bug for a few days, and then we went into suspended animation for a few more days. So two weeks later, we’re still in Salta, which wasn’t the plan, as far as there was ever a plan. But now we’re all fit, rested, eaten well, done some walking, and enjoying the coffee shops in Salta, had some good talks with our friends here, and we’re taking the night-bus to Cordoba tonight. Meanwhile, while we were vegging, our luggage seems to have been busily doing that magic expanding thing, where the same stuff that used to fit into the same bags that we packed a couple of weeks ago doesn’t fit any more. Must be something in the air.

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