I was supposed to producing pizzas for our cell-group’s film evening. After cycling round three supermarkets and discovering there was apparently some sort of national shortage of ready-made pizza bases, I gave up and bought the flour to make them instead. Handily printed on the side of the flour packet I found recipes for bread and pizza bases, thus saving me from having to trawl the internet to find out.
The instructions read thus…. (in Spanish)

1. Put the ingredients into a bowl, apart from the water.
2. Add a little warm water. To achieve this mixture (“What mixture?” thinks Hazel) mix one part of very hot water with one part of cold water. (“oh, they’re telling me how to mix two temperatures of water together”)

While I’m touched by the efforts to which Pureza have gone to ensure that my pizza turns out perfectly, I rather suspect that anyone who needs to be told how to mix hot water with cold water in order to make warm water, probably shouldn’t be allowed in the kitchen unsupervised. For the record, a kilo of Pureza flour makes six round pizzas and they all tasted fantastic.

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