Fame and Fortune

We’re famous! Or we’ve made it to the Peruvian national press at least. Thanks to Bernhard for spotting this while reading the paper on the plane home:newspaper cutting

It says; “This isn’t an image that is frequently seen in the centre of Lima. This group of people, including tourists, are attempting to dampen the incessant heat of the Lima summer with water from the fountain in the square of the Plaza de Armas (that’s the main square in the old city – H). A proof that the heat is becoming more intense year on year in our capital”

As I remember it, Joni was trying to reach the water in the fountain, Hazel was attempting to enable him to do so while preventing him from actually falling in, the officious looking police woman (not pictured) was blowing her whistle and telling us off, a bunch of Peruvians were taking pictures on their mobile phones, and Martin was trying to look like he didn’t know us. The next bit not pictured was where Joni went lay on his tummy in the pool of filthy water which was overflowing across the path. We’re always available for the “before” shots for any washing powder advert, just contact our agent.

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