Joni Day

“Granny”, said the little girl.  “Do you have some fruit that I can take to school?  It’s Joni day”. 

“It’s what day?” queried the grandmother. 

“Joni day.  There’s a little boy in first grade called Joni and he always brings fruit to school, so once a week the whole school has to bring a healthy snack like Joni”…

The Joni is my son.  The grandmother, who told me the story this morning, is my English student. 

I’m still trying to decide what learning point I should take from this…

Should we be pondering the irony that we are probably better ambassadors for fruit than we are for the Gospel? 

Or should we be encouraged by the idea that if we quietly model something consistently enough for long enough, then eventually it will have an impact? 

Have I been as consistent for Jesus as I have for bananas? 

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