Milk and eggs

The computer programmer;

The woman asks her computer programmer husband to go to the supermarket;

“Get three pints of milk, and if they have eggs get twelve”. 

The computer programmer comes back with twelve pints of milk.

“They had eggs”  

The computer programmer’s son;

Waiting in the entrance to the swimming pool;

“Oh look Joni, they have goggles here, I’m OK to buy you some of these if you want”

“No thanks, it’s not a lesson”

Ten minutes later in the pool;

“Oohh, I wish I had some goggles”

“Well I did just offer to buy you some”

“But I thought you just meant to take back to Argentina, I didn’t know you meant for me to use them in here” 

The computer programmer’s other son;

Suddenly realised that he couldn’t see me;

“where’s mummy?”

(Aunt) “Look there she is swimming.  She’s a good swimmer isn’t she?  Maybe you’ll be able to swim like that when you’re a big boy”

“But mummy isn’t a boy…”

We’re back in small town UK.  Landed on Friday.  Enjoying some family time, and started the first set of meetings today.  We’re hosting open house at St Mary’s church hall in Baldock this Saturday at 3.  You’re all welcome to join us for tea and coffee and to find out more about what’s happening in Argentina. 

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