The Mind of the Thirteen year-old

Hey look I can make this blog thing work. The next plan is to add a couple of buttons so that people can respond or ask questions or whatever. But we haven’t done that yet, so if you’ve got anything to say, for now you’ll have to email it to us, addresses on the front page. Speaking of front pages, we’re also working on that, it’s functional but not attractive yet, I think… bit like a dentists waiting room, does the job but hardly feels like home. Ideas and suggestions….?
Here’s a little conversation I had with a 13 year old a while ago which I’ve been dying for an opportunity to share…

13: Your husband doesn’t speak much Spanish does he?
Me: No, he’s just learning
13: How do you speak to each other at home if he can’t speak Spanish?
Me: Well if there’s only the two of us we speak to each other in English
13: Why?
Me: Because that’s our language and it’s the one that we both speak best
13: Yes but what do you talk about if you can only speak English….???

Have a good day!

Hello, Good Evening and Welcome

Welcome to our new blog feature! This is for ideas, quotes, stories, controversial theological opinions, rants, issues that we’re thinking about, and generally things which we’d like to share with the world but probably wouldn’t make it onto anything as formal as a newsletter or a developed webpage. We’re also hoping that this might be an interactive feature, with opportunities for other people to ask questions, and express opinions. We hope you enjoy it. Have a good weekend!