Early one morning

Cami in water with duckCami in WaterThe first time we took our dog to the park, she had never seen ducks before, or water deeper than the puddles in our road when it rains. These days her favourite activity is swimming after the ducks in the pond. She has a lot of stamina as well now. Luckily she never manages to catch any, because when she gets too close, they flap away, filling her face with water in the process. But she never tires of trying. I don’t take her every day, because I think the ducks don’t really enjoy the game as much as she does. Sometimes we go to the other end of the park, to give the pigeons their exercise…
Here’s a thought… Whoever invented the term “doggy position” wasn’t a dog owner. True doggy position is a dog lying on their back, with their legs waving in the air and tongue lolling to one side, waiting for someone to rub their tummy.

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