Landed 1

We’re back! Right now we are in Salta which wasn’t the original plan. TAM airlines who were supposed to deliver us direct from Sao Paolo to Cordoba decided instead that we should go on a scenic tour around the airports of Buenos Aires, so we turned the situation to our advantage and decided to re-route to Salta. This saved us having to make an extra trip from Cordoba to Salta which we were planning to do anyway in a few days, means that we can spend time landing gently in Argentina with our friends and colleagues here in Salta, and also enabled us to travel the final leg of our journey with Andes airlines. Andes airlines are one of those “must have” experiences, from the hand-written boarding passes with truly original spellings of our surnames (Canit for me, and Srose for the guys), to our seat being not quite attached to the floor of the plane, to traveling with the cock-pit door wide open giving the passengers an interesting view into the bewildering array of electronic gadgetry inside. Bizarrely the cockpit also appeared to double as the storage point for tea and coffee pots, taking the concept of multi-skilling into unexplored new territory.
So here we are in Salta, and at some stage we shall wend our way down to Cordoba, and eventually on to San Francisco. In the meantime we need to try and persuade our kid into Argentinean time; it was still pitch black when he woke up this morning, and then he started singing for his lunch before the rest of us had moved out of pyjamas.

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