Back to normality

When I say the temperature has been dropping to 30 degrees at night, you will understand that it has been rather warm around here of late. We finally have a computer set up, which is still driving me a little bit crazy (even more than usual) trying to persuade it to behave in something like a predictable fashion. I have spent a lot of time combing random “options” boxes looking for elusive settings to tweak. All further complicated by the fact that the next step in our child’s development has been to learn that the big green button switches the whole darned thing off, which is even more annoying than when he merely used to “help” by typing on the keyboard. So now I can only really use the office when sweet child is in bed. Unfortunately he only seems to need marginally more sleep than I do…
The weather probably has quite an effect on our energy levels, the heat here is also described as “especial” because of its high level of humidity. Things seem to grind along expending energy and wasting time without actually achieving anything very much.

Joni on the other hand is in a great phase, it’s like he has just realised that he knows how to learn and is making the most of it. Apart from pressing the big green button, yesterday he was filling up pots of water and pouring them out again (not into the computer but it’s only a matter of time), today he learned how to hold his own cup of milk without spilling it over Daddy. He loves books, although we don’t often get to read the traditional left to right version of the stories, since he takes charge of deciding which order to look at the pages in. Language is coming along nicely, he can put together a whole paragraph in some alien language with inflection and everything, and he is learning individual words in both earthling languages. “Daddy” is used for important people; i.e. daddy, mummy and the dog(!) although he can say mummy too (mostly when he’s cross; pattern set for the future…), and “agua” (water) is used for the water in the swimming pool, and for anything that he thinks might be edible, apart from banana which he can say (nana), or biscuits (bis bis). Newest additions to the vocabulary are “key” (he likes to steal those!), “car” and “shoes” (pronounced without the vowels; sh’s). We’re hoping to send him to a playgroup this year for a couple of hours in the mornings, but there aren’t that many that accept kids as young as him, although there is obviously the demand because the ones that do, don’t have any free spaces. I need to mount a piece of research to find out which ones we haven’t been to yet and go on a little tour.

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