Easy like Sunday Mornings

Made it to church, nearly on time. In fact perfectly on time by Argentinean standards, albeit slightly after the service had started in English terms. Fantastic welcome from many surprised people since we hadn’t told anyone we were coming. Disadvantage of not telling anyone we were coming was having to go round the loop of how long are you here for/ when are you going back / hasn’t Joni grown / how old is he now with every single new conversation. Serves us right. Only one person asked if we had had a nice holiday(!) and she has a label so she’s allowed to. Church followed by good pub lunch with Tia and tribe, should insert hyperlink at this point but I can’t remember what I have to type and I’m being too lazy to look it up, so to go to Tia’s blog it’s “Behind the Child” on the bar on the right hand of the screen. And now we’re worn out with doing very little and suddenly it’s become bedtime.
The observant will have noticed that we’ve now put some content into the sermons and bible studies sections on the top bar. These are in Spanish, and Spanish will probably continue to be the main language of those sections for the foreseeable, given our current audience. So for anyone who reads Spanish and might find our stuff useful, it’s there. Obviously we would prefer to be acknowledged for anything you use, but we also recognise that imitation is the best form of flattery…

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