Human alarm

These hot light mornings, our small human alarm goes off way before his parents had planned to be on the move. By the time he goes into nursery at nine we have built a train track on the floor, watched some Thomas the Tank engine, read a story, squeezed the orange juice, and even been to play on the swings in the plaza. Luckily he has taken to having two-hour siestas to make up, so it is just a case of juggling the day around a bit to make it all work.
Today I did the usual pre-nursery stuff, followed by gratefully handing him over for a couple of hours, followed by driving to Quebracho Herrado to see the head of the primary school, followed by driving home again and starting on another powerpoint that I need to put together (should have been done a week ago really but…) followed by making shepherds’ pie while Martin went to collect Joni, followed by clearing up and watching some rubbish TV while Joni had his siesta, followed by driving to Quebracho Herrado yet again to do some work with a couple of little first graders, followed by taking Joni to the plaza, followed by nearly managing to get in the car and go home except that someone came to see me so that was delayed by nearly another hour, followed by driving home and throwing Joni in the bath, followed by jumping on the bikes and going to the Bible Study group that Martin was leading tonight. I have to confess I spent more time playing with the kids than I did in the pursuit of scriptural enlightenment. I could pretend I was performing a useful service but it was more a case of the failing brain-cell.

And now it’s bed-time and there’s a dramatic storm happening outside so I’m off to watch it.

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