“it’s been a quiet week in the global village”, so goes the title of my friend’s book. Actually there is quite a lot of stuff to write about and I have three different blog entries in different states of being-written, except that we had to rebuild my computer, and we’re only just getting to the stage of re-installing the useful things like files and photographs that I need for writing blogs with.
Tomorrow we’re heading to the bad-lands of Cordoba. It’s not that bad really, it’s just that I never felt at home there and I like San Francisco a lot better. Anyway, we have a meeting to go to which I’m quietly excited about in a trying-not-to-be sort of way, in case it turns out to be a big disappointment. If you do praying, and if you don’t mind not being privy to the full details, then we would be very grateful for the odd tiddlywink on the lines of “Please let there be a stupendous outcome for Hazel and Martin’s meeting… amen”

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