Revenge is a dish…

I know why parents embarrass their teenagers; it’s the long-awaited revenge for all those times when the toddlers embarrassed the parents.
A thirty-five degree day with powercuts to boot, this afternoon we rounded off the errands by calling in to the ice-cream / coffee house. Coffee was off the menu owing to lack of electricity. Luckily they have a lot of good ice-cream flavours. We normally buy a pot of three flavours and all dip in with a spoon.

Joni sat very nicely until the ice-cream was gone, then he climbed down and roamed around the shop which he normally does. What he doesn’t normally do is realise that the people on the table behind us still have ice-cream, and clamber onto a spare seat at their table to take his chance. Indulgent grandmotherly lady then started feeding him her vanilla ice-cream. Encouraged by his success, he reappears at our table to collect his spoon, which he presents to his newly adopted complete strangers, who co-operate fully to feed him the rest of their ice-cream.

Will ten years be long enough planning time for an appropriately matching response?

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