Scout Camp

We’re back, both of us. Fantastic week, heat tempered by the surrounding hills, beautiful location just outside San Clemente in the hills on the West of Cordoba province;
San Clemente

Normal manner of traditional Scout camp activities took place; pitching tents;

Pitching tent

Constructing things;

Monkey Bridge

Hearty activities in the open air;

People hiking


Scouts in a circle

And quite a lot of plain goofing around. Actually I fell off that wall, not my most dignified moment….

jumping over a wall

The camp mascots, Joni and Luciano (two week’s difference in age), had a great time;

Joni and Luciano

Bossing around their ever-willing fan club;

Setting off on a hike

And now we’re sunburnt, scratched, bruised, filthy, exhausted and thoroughly content.

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