Non news

“Normal” sort of weekend, prison and scouts as usual, church as usual, not a lot to report really, so this is a non-event blog, just us checking in with the world.
Sometimes no news may or may not be good news. This seems like a slightly bizarre example of a non-headline I came across last week;

Obama cuts US nuclear arsenal – but keeps sights trained on Iran.

President agrees to reduce stockpile of atomic warheads – and rules out using them on states that play by rules

Seems to more or less boil down to “USA agrees not to nuke its friends”. Whether this could be defined as progress or not may depend on how cynically you viewed the USA in the first place. Personally I kind of thought we had already established that much, so maybe my optimism was unfounded.

And here is a totally unrelated, and far more useful link, from the Wycliffe website, a page on how to love and cherish (well OK, “care for”) your missionary

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