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My list of things to do today said “write a blog” (as well as go to supermarket, go to Quebracho, talk to social worker, buy nappies for disabled kid, take my own kid swimming, etc). All the other stuff’s either been done, or can no longer be done because the day’s finished and everyone’s gone home. So that leaves “write a blog”. What to blog about?
Life? Well there’s the supermarket… Actually, there’s a change shortage on here of late. That means that when you go to the supermarket, if you don’t have the exact money (and whoever goes to the supermarket knowing in advance that their bill is going to come to $54.37?) then first you have to convince the till operator that you don’t have the exact money “no, really, look, I haven’t got any coins at all”, and then you have to queue up at the far end of the till until she’s made enough change from the people coming after you in order to reimburse your sixty three centavos.

Theology? Haven’t done much thinking about that of late despite the fact that we’re supposed to be Christian workers. In fact I deleted an email from a Bible college today that I had been thinking about doing an MA with, but one, we can’t afford it, and two, another overseas qualification isn’t worth anything here anyway. At the moment I’m intrigued by the suggestion that the only place that John Mark might feature in the gospels is in Mark’s own account where “a young man” is mentioned running away naked as Jesus is arrested. Why does that intrigue me? Well I’m not exactly sure yet.

Work? I bought those nappies, but didn’t see that social worker, nothing unusual there, except that it was my fault rather than hers this time; car was double booked so I didn’t get to the village. Apart from that, I was looking at the guys at the special school yesterday and wondering if we could get hold of an old-but-functional computer and think about inventing some sort of single-switch access for it without having to spend zillions of dollars on “proper” hardware (or software come to that).

Other stuff? Martin just got back from the prison and went off to the mens’ group. He reckons the prisoners are more switched on in general than the men from church; he’s been using a lot of the same material for both groups. Our kid found a bit of fluff on his bed and became convinced it was a bogey (he says that very clearly), and then bizarrly became equally convinced that the bogey wanted to eat his trousers. Too much Dr Who I say. I wrote a bunch of emails and tried to get my head around various forthcoming events… Scout training on Sunday (the kitchen and bathroom both need cleaning, motivation for same not as high as last time I did it), Scout camp next weekend (not done very much towards that yet, nobody else thinks this is a major issue except Mrs European me), Latin Link Argentina team conference/retreat starting two days after Scout camp, and then Frost family retreat to England a few days after that… As last year, we’re happy to share a beer with anyone who’s willing to travel to Baldock to collect it.

Is this long enough to be a blog yet?

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