The Sauce of True love


I found a bowl of chillies in the fridge… there seem to have been a fair few people coming through our house while we were away, and we are still discovering random items in strange places.  Maybe the chillies were bartered for my pizza tins which seem to have vanished off the face of the planet.

Never one for inspecting the teeth of gifted horses, and secure in five years´experience that there is no such thing as a hot chillie in Argentina, I blithely tossed one into the pasta sauce, and nearly blew the roof off the house.  When the fire-brigade had left, I did a little celebratory dance before the almighty at delivering this unexpected goldmine.  A couple of further experiments confirms that a third of a chillie is plenty for the two-and-a-half of us.  Hoping to tap into these riches for the future, I´ve extracted a load of seeds which are currently drying in a dish on top of my computer (along with some peppers and tomatoes).  Martin rolls his eyes at my mad gardening projects, but so far he hasn´t objected to eating the results, even the blow-the-roof-of-your-mouth-off pasta sauce… there´s true love for you. 

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