Working / Not working

Today I went to work; to the hamlet of Luis Sauce to bring kid and his mum back to school in San Francisco, and then, leaving the taxi company to drop them off later, I went on to the village of Quebracho Herrado to see a bunch of kids who don’t want to do their homework, and bunch of adults who are queuing up for it… education is definitely wasted on the young. 

Yesterday having been to Quebracho to meet the social worker in the morning, I didn’t have any commitments in the afternoon, so I had a cook-in.  Thirty-two bread rolls, a bread pudding with some old stuff, some coconut pyramids, and two batches of pepitas.  This is a common form of biscuit here, with a blob of jam in the middle:


Opinion has that that mine are better than the bought version, which is a nice compliment, but adds to the growing list of things that I’m trying to find time to produce “in-house”.  This little lot had better last more than two minutes or I’ll be throwing my toys (it’s my ball and if I can’t be Gary Lineker I’m taking it home…)  And all that’s without counting the sausage casserole I made for lunch (there’s something wonderfully self-satisfying about thinking “darn, didn’t have time to go to the veg shop… oh well, I can always pull something out of the garden…”), and the pan of popcorn I rustled up with Joni (popped with Joni) while waiting for the bread pudding to absorb the milk. 

Sometimes it’s hard to tell whether it’s more tiring to go to work or to stay at home… I guess variety is the spice of life, and we are certainly privileged with plenty of that. 

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