There was another little sermon writing event on last week, which is past now, having delivered it yesterday. It’s not up on the website yet, I’ll try and get to that tomorrow for those who read Spanish.
Today was a catching up with the things that don’t get done when there’s a sermon-writing event on – day. Apart from going to the special school, the rest was taken up with trip to the supermarket, cleaning the bathroom, cutting the grass (at the behest of our child; he couldn’t give a monkeys about the cleanliness of the bathroom but he becomes strangely offended by the sight of the two foot high thistles protruding from the front lawn), and baking. Wholemeal flour has just made it to our local supermarket, so I bought some and tried it out; four small loaves, two fishes pizza bases, a batch of scones and a chocolate chip cake ought to be enough to feed the family for a few days. I grated some fresh beetroot from our garden into a salad tonight, very nice. There were also home-grown peas in lunch, not to mention the ubiquitous parsley and oregano.

All in all that just left time to have a dispute with Joni about whether he was going to have a bath – yes because I’m bigger; sometimes I negotiate, today I pulled rank, followed by a second dispute about whether he was going to get out of the bath – ditto above, from which we moved swiftly into reading the obligatory pile of stories, some of which he recites along with me, pouring him into his bed, and we’re shortly about to follow (different bed, same concept).

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