Cliff Hanger

I was hoping that today would be the day when we finally wrapped up the Venezuelan Soap Opera (blog entry 05-02).  However, true to the genre, we seem to have left enough cliff-hangers open to provide at least another four episodes.  Since the last instalment of this saga we have had phone calls, texts, more driving around the countryside, and two meetings at the San Francisco family court, and yet as far as I can see we aren’t actually any further forward than we were a week ago, with the added complication that the main protagonist now appears to have gone missing.  Whether this is the result of deliberately false information, merely wrong information, or a police blunder is so far unclear.  The court today decided that the information had been falsified, whereas I’m of the opinion that in a toss up between deliberate evil and police incompetence, the latter is a far more likely scenario at least in this context.  Time will tell.

Meanwhile tomorrow we are off to Buenos Aires for a few days to take care of some jobs and meetings that we have been stacking up on the to-do list.  Martin has bought some new Argentina software for the GPS… yes we’re taking the car.  You have to have been in Buenos Aires to have any idea of how scary a prospect that is, but if it gets too nerve wracking we’ve agreed that it doesn’t count as wimping out if we park up and take a bus.  Hopefully by the time we are back here again on Friday or so, the soap opera might have seen some resolution or at least a step of measurable progress, although I’m not entirely confident that there isn’t another twist or two to come in the tale yet. 

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