Dinosaurs’ Day Out

Dinosaur book cover

This is one of Joni’s favourite books at the moment, which means we read it at least once most days.  It’s an interactive story involving maps, and planning an outing, and then “helping” dinosaurs Dexter and Daisy through the various stages of carrying out their plan. 

By the time we reach the centre pages:

page from dinosaur bookpage from dinosaur book

assuming we have been paying attention so far, then we will know that the “right” answer at this point will be to continue along the main road and follow the traffic past the duck pond. 

However, Nick Sharratt probably hadn’t reckoned on a little boy who takes it as a given that normal lives would naturally involve straddling two continents;

“No…. they have to go to the airport and catch a plane to see Granny and Grandad”.  

He is un-persuadable, so our Dexter and Daisy’s day out to the forest involves a detour by plane to England en route.  Which is probably more exciting anyway.  Should we publish? 

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