This week’s milestones

Passport photos must be…..

Passport form


Daniel asleep  Daniel asleep

Double hmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm……………..

Daniel asleep   Daniel asleep

Hopefully this one…….?  After all the notes don’t actually say that you can’t look drunk.

daniel passport

Never work with children or animals. 

Other significant milestones of parental achievement…

Not only did I make it onto the bike without splitting my stitches, but I managed to transport all three of us (that’s me and the smaller two of my men) into town on it.  Joni has his own little seat on the back, and Danny straps nicely to my front in the baby harness.  He’ll get his own seat on the cross-bar when he’s about six months or so, in the meantime wearing him works out fine. 

We caught up with the washing… three days of damp and drizzle would play havoc with anyone’s domestic organisation, and ours isn’t very at the best of times.  Fortunately the sun put in a half-hearted appearance and we were able to push five loads through just in time for the smallest not to run out of nappies and the next smallest not to run out of trousers.

This evening we finally lit the fire after holding off for a couple of weeks trying to kid ourselves that it isn’t really cold, except that actually it is… there’s been frost on the ground several mornings when we’ve been walking the dogs.  Our next job will be a little tour of the lanes to gather ourselves a store of firewood; we’re currently using up last year’s remnants which have sat in the garage for the summer.

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