Pray for Luchi

I’m gathering prayer support for a little boy; Luciano, “Luchi” is two weeks younger than Joni, and is the son of my fellow Scout leader.  While we were away in the UK I received an email to say that a tumour had been discovered in Luchi’s eye and that he was going to be operated on.  We prayed for Luchi in several of the churches and groups that we visited, so for some of you this is an update.  Luchi has now had the eye completely removed and will need a prosthesis eventually.  While the operation was performed for free under the public health service, the prosthetic eye isn’t included, so the family will have to buy that.  Last weekend we held a “venta de pollos” (sale of chickens – barbecued) to help raise money which hopefully has given them a good head-start.  However, this week my friend received a phone call on Wednesday saying “we’ve done the biopsy and we’re going to need to start chemo right now so come on in…” which would be more than enough to put anyone off their breakfast, let alone a young mother of a four year old.  There’s some things that just shouldn’t happen to little kids.  So they’re away over in Cordoba having chemo, I don’t yet know how it is going, but they definitely need as much prayer as they can get, not least because the public health system is largely on strike at the moment; there are presidential elections this month so it is silly season for civil unrest by anyone who wants to make the president look bad. 

Pray for Luchi, it was his 4th birthday last week.  Pray for his mum, Cintia, this is probably harder for her than it is for him.  And if you don’t believe in God pray anyway. 

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