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Probationary Period

1. The main purpose of a probationary period is to ensure an individual’s capability, reliability and suitability for permanent employment. Our Probation Procedure will ensure that:

  • Performance, conduct and attendance are assessed throughout the probation period
  • Team Leaders provide guidance, encouragement and any necessary training to ensure positive development.
  • Both individuals and team leaders are fully informed of progress throughout the probationary period and any issues that do arise are discussed at the earliest possible date.

2. All new entrants will be expected to serve a probationary period. This requirement will only be waived for exceptional reasons. The Human Resource Manager will advise in such circumstances.
3. In order to complete the probationary period successfully, the probationer must demonstrate they are capable of undertaking the full range of duties of their post. Their performance will be formally assessed at least twice during the probationary period but feedback must be given verbally on a regular basis.
4. A probationers attendance and conduct records are equally important. Again, conduct will be assessed formally at least twice during the probationary period using the probation review form.
Again, however, if any problems with conduct do arise they should be tackled immediately and not left until the next formal review is due. Attendance will also be closely monitored through a series of checks at strategic points throughout the probationary period.

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Dear Daniel Frost

In recognition of your capability, reliability and suitability, your extraordinary progress made, and your one hundred per cent attendance record over the past six months, Frost inc. are delighted to offer you a permanent contract.  Please can you sign the enclosed in triplicate and return it to the Human Resource Manager at your earliest convenience.  Unfortunately this post does not include holiday entitlement, nor any salary beyond mashed banana.

Yours sincerely

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