Haute Cuisine

This is an armadillo…

armadillo in a cooking pot

… and we ate it.  For a second I could almost imagine I was a real missionary.  24 hours later and we’re all still alive.  Actually if you can let go of the mental image of it cooking in the pot, the meat is really OK, slightly darker than chicken, maybe a bit like a wild duck or something.  Apparently armadillos eat carrion and they like to hang out in cemeteries, so you might also like to work on forgetting that you might be eating someone else’s grandmother. 

Maybe it’s the influence of the armadillo or something, but my kid has some really unusual tastes in food for a kid… I asked Joni what he’d like for lunch:  “Fish pie, and can it have cabbage in it”.  Personally I’m more than happy with fish pie, and I have no problem stuffing it with as many vegetables as he’d like, but aren’t normal kids supposed to demand hamburgers and chicken nuggets? 

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