Short and irregular

There´s a reason why news updates should be short and regular.  Trying to include the whole of the last two months into a blog would be mission impossible both for the author and the poor unsuspecting reader.   The salient features are that we went to the UK for Christmas and January, which looked like this:

Nene Valley Railway  Christmas with cousins

Building snowman  Snowy Baldock

And then we came home for 48 hours before me n´ the boys disappeared on Scout camp for a week which looked like this:

Day hike with scouts  Danny in backpack

Floating inner tubes  Trees by the river

Both trips were fantastic, despite (or possibly because of; variety is the spice of life and all) the nine thousand miles and 35 degrees Celsius of difference.  

Now I´m trying to rediscover my house, and gather the stuff that Joni will need to start the new school year.  Actually at the moment I´m not entirely sure what date he is supposed to start on; they weren’t able to furnish me with that information when we said goodbye in December, so I need to cycle past the gate at some stage this week and see if there is anything useful on the noticeboard. 

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