“Grace like Coffee”

Unashamedly plagiarising… uh I mean drawing your attention to someone else’s work… Maybe I need to do something about my caffeine addiction, but I am right with this guy;

I have heard several Christian songs use the line “Grace like rain”, speaking of God’s great grace pouring down on us. It’s not a BAD analogy, but I have always felt it could be better. Who (besides health freaks) really loves water? Yes, I know we need it, but what do we enjoy and need more than water? The answer is obviously COFFEE. Can I get an Amen right there from the choir!

The blog entry is actually mostly about his experience of learning Spanish (in Spain).  He has some interesting points to make as well as the coffee analogy, and you can check it out by following this link.   Since I’ve acknowledged the source of the quote I’m not plagiarising at all, so caffeine remains my only vice…  Maybe ask my husband for a second opinion on that. 

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