Still Translating

Still here, still translating.  I finished the Manchester document.  I’ve started on the Cambridge one.  That took quite a lot of preparation.  Imagine a photocopy of a document from the 1980’s.  Then scanned in and saved as a PDF.  Not wonderful quality but legible; to the human eye.  But in order to upload it into the translation software it needs to be in Word.  So convert from PDF to Word.  Machines are pretty good these days, but for reading poorly photocopied then scanned and saved as PDF documents clearly you need the human eye.  So it took me the best part of a couple of days to go through the Word doc and render it into recognisable English in order to turn it into Spanish. That was even less fun than it sounds, and even now while I’m translating, I’m discovering various places where arc should have been rendered are.   It was rather tempting on the other hand to decide that leaching might be a more socially useful occupation for children than wasting teaching on them… I could even think of a few specific examples to put forward as potential candidates; starting with that year 9 geography set.

Then I need to have the whole lot printed out in both languages, not on our printer it’s rubbish, so that’ll be a trip to town.  I’m hoping to be able to present the whole thing to the University next week. 

There’s loads of other things going on, which half of me would stay and blog, but it’s been a ridiculously long day, and the other half of me has already gone to bed. 

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