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Where did that baby go?

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Danny had his third birthday on Saturday.  On one hand it feels like he was only born yesterday, and at the same time we can barely remember life without him.  He had a cake at home with the family, another one at Scouts in the afternoon, and I sent a tractor (“Chrachror”) and trailer cake into nursery with him today.  It might not be Michelangelo, but that was one of my better sculptures, I was very happy with how it turned out and more to the point so was he (Danny that is; Michelangelo didn’t offer an opinion). 

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Danny to date has been sleeping in the same folding travel cot since he was born, and Joni has been sleeping in the same junior bed since he was born, both becoming increasingly rickety with over-bouncing.  So we decided to mark the coming of age with big-boy beds;

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I posted Joni into the top bunk, and Danny into the bottom and said goodnight.  Imagine my consternation a couple of hours later when, on my own way to bed, I looked in on the duo to discover Danny’s bed empty.  A quick check revealed two blonde heads soundly sleeping side by side squashed into the top bed. 

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Joni’s school had their acto today to mark the fechas patrias so Joni went off this morning looking disturbing like a child soldier from a paramilitary organisation.  It made a bit more sense in context when he and his cohort performed a primary school-esque version of an Argentinean dance;

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