And a partridge in a pear tree

There was a Christian music event in the street last Saturday. There is a different Christian music event in a different street this Saturday.  And another one in a different street next Friday evening.

Scouts are busy preparing our Christmas nativity for the 20th, so there was a rehearsal last Saturday, followed by a parents’ meeting to give out details for summer camp.  Tonight we have bingo at Scouts in order to raise money for same, and on Sunday we have a leaders’ trip to visit the site which we have temporarily reserved. 

A couple of educational psychologists have come together with a project proposal for our church’s community outreach for next year, could be interesting.  And a couple of us are about to sign up for a distance module in “early stimulation” for pre-school kids with disabilities. 

The teen was with us last weekend, came on Friday stayed till Monday as it was a bank holiday weekend.  There was something else happening at the same time on Monday as well but I can’t remember what it was.  Then I had to go and have a meeting with her psychologist at the hostel on Tuesday. 

I was offered a job for a couple of hours a day over the summer which I’m disproportionally pleased about, working with an autistic kid who I already know quite well.  Hope it comes off.  But in order to sign up to be paid, I had to locate the tiny slip of paper that I was given back in 2010 to say that I am registered in the government ministry of silly walks (or whatever it was) in Cordoba.  I was convinced I had thrown it away.  Luckily in a flash of genius (divine intervention) I found it tucked into my 2012 diary which I also fortunately hadn’t thrown away.  Next I have to sign up as a “monotributista” (self employed) with the tax office.  This morning I found someone who has agreed to help me with that. 

Danny has managed to dress himself unaided two days running.  The neighbours probably think I’m beyond the pale, but really who am I to devalue his efforts by turning everything inside out and back to front after he’s put it on?  Meanwhile I am apparently supposed to be making or otherwise procuring a set of ears (of some sort?) for Joni for his end of school assembly on Friday. 

This afternoon I have an English class to teach, then Joni has a play date with the kid round the corner, then I need to go and shift some chairs and tables around for that bingo at Scouts. 

On the second day of Christmas my true love sent to me…

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