Praying the prayer

This week at the Hospital Rawson I was standing in the corridor talking to a transvestite and his friend, and I found myself thinking “I have to pray with this guy”, and since that’s not often the first thing I think, I thought I’d better act on it. So, when the other volunteers were preparing to move on, I said:- – “I think we should pray with these guys”, and one of the others said:-
– “No, we don’t need to, they prayed to receive Jesus a couple of weeks ago”. So I took my tiny shred of patience with both hands and suggested that it might be OK for them to pray more than once in their lives.

It reminded me of one of my favourite comments made about ten years ago, by a colleague in mission who said:-
– “Not until the last poor b*** on earth has been forced to ‘hear the gospel’ may we finally begin to realise that we haven’t yet started on the Great Commission”

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