Must be Holland

Question; What do Tony Blair, US tourists, and mission leaders have in common?Answer; “It’s Tuesday, must be Holland”.

It’s been a bit like that the last week or so. Last Sunday we were in South Darenth, followed by Welwyn. Monday we were in London. Tuesday we were at a school in Baldock, and then Potters Bar. Wednesday we were at a school in Letchworth, and then Cambridge. Thursday we were in Bristol. Friday we were in Oxford. Saturday we were in Lewes. Sunday we were taking part in the service in Baldock, and then the service in Bygrave, followed by going to Reading.

On Saturday, someone whose job-title means that he jolly well ought to know better, asked us “How is your holiday going?” Naturally we forgave him…. right after I’d dumped my pasta and sauce over his head… not really, just thought about it… Jesus says that amounts to the same thing.

Friends who we were at college with tend to have one or two big churches who provide most or all of their support, so homeleave basically involves popping in to say thank you very much, couple of weeks, job done. While part of me is envious of not spending however many hours on the M25, I also very much value the relationships that we have with our supporters. We put effort into them, we find them rich and meaningful, and we like to hope that we have a role in peoples’ lives as they have in ours.

Meanwhile, I’m also glad that this week has some blank spaces in it. That place-to-place thing is good for a few days, but it wouldn’t be my long-term choice for a life-style. Which I guess is one of many reasons why I hope never to be Tony Blair, or a US tourist, or in mission leadership.

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