Best laid plans

Martin had his operation yesterday, and we have moved house again. He had to be at the hospital at 7 in the morning yesterday, so Joni and I booked him in and then we went off to the cafe for breakfast while they were chopping him up. We were allowed in to see him in the recovery area by lunch-time, and we were all home in the middle of the afternoon. He is supposed to rest it for the next two weeks, and they want to see him this Tuesday. Hence we are grounded in Cordoba which we hadn’t planned. I’m trying to figure out what we should do about Joni’s birthday on Monday, because we had planned to celebrate it in San Francisco, only we won’t be there. At the moment we are thinking we would still like to celebrate with the folk at San Fran, so we would just have to postpone it a bit. We also found ourselves homeless, having not planned to be in Cordoba after last Wednesday, so we are staying at the YWAM house for now (YWAM being another mission org). YWAM are fairly newly establishing themselves in Cordoba, there’s a team of six living in the house with various other hangers on at different times. The neighbourhood here is “interesting”. YWAM run a kids club sometimes here at the house, which we went to last night. The plan was to present the story of the “Good Samaritan” in fairly traditional Sunday School style; i.e.”don’t walk by if you see someone in need”. What actually happened was an emergency piece of improvised discussion on how you might take a stand and be different when it is your friends/ family who would have robbed the guy in the first place!

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