Spanish Bible

I have set myself a challenge this year to read through the Bible in Spanish. It is doing me good for at least three reasons.
One, I am encouraged that I can actually read and understand the Bible in Spanish these days; currently ploughing towards the end of Leviticus at the moment.

Two, it is a good source of new vocabulary; my latest word is “degollar”, which means “slaughter” and appears a lot of times in Leviticus. Unfortunately I haven’t yet found a use for it in my every day life.

Three, it makes me approach the text afresh, and read it properly as if for the first time, so I am seeing things that I hadn’t seen before. Like all the verses in Leviticus 15 about sex and ceremonial uncleanness and washing with water. Call me un-devout, but my first thought was “imagine knowing which days your neighbours have sex on according to who has got their washing hanging out”.

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