Sorry about the long silence, here is the list of excuses…

  1. We have a small child who likes pressing buttons, so only one of us can be on a computer at a time when he is at home.
  2. We bought a second hand PC for me, which took a while to organise and set up, and then turned out not to have enough memory to be useful, but it does now.
  3. I am sorely feeling the lack of a decent camera following our little house-breaking event, had hoped to rectify that by now, but…
  4. I was writing an essay in Spanish, which probably isn’t a great work of literature, but developing a topic over 6,000 reasonable quality words has been a good exercise, and hasn’t left me with too many brain cells to think about a lot else for a couple of weeks.

Here are some of the events of note from the last couple of weeks…

  1. The kingdom of God is being built in Argentina… Although I’m not sure we’re necessarily having a great deal of influence over it!
  2. Martin has been invited to produce the Bible study material to be used across all the cell-groups in our church. This is an unexpected opportunity, and he is leaping at the potential to have an influence over how the Bible is studied here.
  3. Joni in his uniformJoni in his uniformJoni has started going to a little kindergarten in the mornings. It is called “garabatos y redondels”, which means doodles and circles. We aren’t sure whether he is a doodle or a circle, but he seems to enjoy it. He has a little (or in his case three sizes too big) uniform to wear which he is modelling here.
  4. Shrek the dogWe have a new member of the family. Shrek was camped out on our door step for a month while we played hard to get and definitely weren’t going to adopt another dog, until the day we gave up and adopted another dog. The local kids had already named him Shrek, not sure why, he’s small and skinny and definitely not green, although he is quite a funny looking creature with his oversized top jaw, and only three toes on each front foot.

  5. Joni pushing his chairMr independent has learned to push his own pushchair. Unfortunately he can’t see, or steer; and any attempt to help him results in a major strop.

  6. Giant snail with Joni’s shoeI found the culprit who has been eating my plants.

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