More Visitors

More visitors… my sister Lisa, husband John and their tribe of three are down for a couple of weeks from Maryland. Joni and I went down to Buenos Aires on Saturday night to meet them off a plane, and take them on a bit of a tango around the obligatory tourist sights of the city… La Boca, calle Florida, la Casa Rosada, la Plaza de Mayo, la Reserva Ecologica, San Telmo, el hospital… ooops; possibly not on the traditional tourist-route, youngest child fell off the seesaw to the tune of four stitches, but he was back playing in the park within the hour so no real harm done. Tuesday night we did the overnight bus thing back to San Francisco, and since then we’ve been bumming around in sunny San Fran. The visiting kids are loving the plaza over the road, and the neighbourhood kids here are on holiday from school at the moment so they are all enjoying each other’s company; language doesn’t seem to be a great barrier to sharing a seesaw. Tomorrow we have half the known world primed to come round for that most important of educational cultural experiences in Argentina; half a cow gently roasted over the glowing embers, accompanied by a drop or two of red.

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