Them country folk

They have a different understanding of time out in Quebracho Herrado. It is a very little village; only 400 inhabitants or so, and although it is only twenty kilometres from the thriving city of San Francisco, it might just as well be on another planet.
This afternoon I called in for a coffee at the bar on the plaza, but I found the door barred. Behind the door sat the owner, drinking mate, and since she was clearly visible through the door, I knocked.
“Are you closed?” I asked (stupid question, but I hoped it might give her an opportunity to say that she was just opening)
“We’re closed” she said firmly.
“When are you opening?” I asked, more tentatively.
“Later” (Obvious response to a stupid question).

On my travels around the village today, I heard that the “new library” has managed to collect some books to put on the shelves. That’s good news. How long has the new library been open? Seven years.

I also heard that the “new doctor” has made such a positive impression on the people of the village that they are even starting to go to his surgery rather than travelling to San Francisco. That’s good news too. How long has he been living here? Oh, since about a year last June.

So really, who knows how long it might take the coffee bar to prime their machine.

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