One of the best and worst characteristics of Argentina is her spontaneity. Sometimes it drives us mad that nothing is ever organised until two minutes before it happens. Other times we love not having to do that “comparing diaries” thing when we want to see people, which leaves everyone free to “seize the moment”.
11.30 Sunday morning, church had finished earlier than usual, so what shall we do? “Let’s throw a couple of chickens on the fire and invite some people round”.

cooking chickens12.30 Sunday lunchtime the scene looks something like this:

eating chicken1.30 Sunday afternoon the scene looks something like this:

Joni on Sergio’s shouldersSergio, an ex-prisoner friend of Martin’s came to stay for a bit this week to take some time out from his not-too-easy home situation in Cordoba, so of course we did the obligatory trip to Miramar on Monday afternoon to see the ruined town and the flamingos on the salt-marsh:

I have also been to Quebracho Herrado a couple of times, particularly making friends with a family who have a disabled child who isn’t receiving any schooling or stimulation… I’m hoping to build up enough trust with the mother that at some stage she might let me take him out for a walk around the village on my own, as a starting point for working with him and see where we go from there. This is a rural community, trust takes time to build and people are both curious and suspicious of outsiders. In fact as I was walking round the village the other day, a lady on a bike slowed down on her way past me and asked “¿Quien sos?” (“Who are you?”) which was honest if slightly breathtaking in its directness! Question is… what is the answer, and is it the same as the answer she was looking for?

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