Blood Doning 2

The rest of the blood doning story…
After I left the hospital having been unsuccessful in my attempt to give blood on Tuesday, my needy friend contacted the haematology department to find out whether her blood doners had been through.

She was told by someone (?) in the haematology department that I had arrived but that they hadn’t been able to take my blood because I was having my period(!!) Recovering from the sheer audacity of the lie, I was left feeling rather intrigued as to whether Argentina actually has some sort of archaic psuedo-Levitical law on blood letting from women with their monthly emissions.

However, when I finally managed to get to give blood on Friday (we all took turns to be sick this week, airline bugs) I was subjected to an indepth questionaire leaving little to the imagination over how many drugs I take or whether I’ve had anal sex recently, but not the briefest hint of a mention of my menstrual cycle. Sometimes you just have to bow to the sheer creativity of the lying that goes on in this place.

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