Evangelistic openers

Top conversations from this week.
Discussing the world cup;

– What time are Argentina playing
– Eleven o’ clock
– Eleven? That’s a strange time for a football match.
– That’s because of the time difference from Africa.
– Oh, are they playing against Africa?
– Yes, the whole continent at once (actually I didn’t say this bit, the joke would have been wasted anyway)

Early Saturday morning, the phone rings, female voice at the other end;

– Is Martin there?
– No, he’s in the prison.
(Information digesting pause….)
– Oh. When he gets out, will he be going back to his old job?
(another pause while Hazel engages the braincell…)
– Are you looking for a different Martin? My husband’s name is Martin, and he’s a volunteer at the prison. (Martin is quite a common name in Argentina)
– You’re not the people who sell mobile phones?
– (phew) No, sorry about that.
– No, I’m sorry to disturb you….

Did Billy Graham ever have this trouble?

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