Landed 3

The bit across the Atlantic can get a bit turbulent… every time it started bumping around, the toddler tugged my elbow and asked “plane fall down now?” He didn’t seem scared, just interested. Thus my body arrived at Terminal 5 on Tuesday, courtesy of British Airways. My brain arrived on Wednesday, courtesy of coffee, a comfortable double bed, and throwing a chosen selection of kids outside to sleep in the tent, hoorah. Unfortunately we killed the computer on Thursday, so we’ve been anonymous ever since. So, here we are in the UK. At this stage the computer isn’t yet sufficiently rebuilt to be able to put up photographs, or do anything much more sophisticated than say hello, but hopefully normal service will be resumed in the next couple of days. In the meantime, we’re hanging out with friends and family, doing a few meetings, stocking up on a years supply of clothes from the charity shop, and in about ten minutes time, heading out for a pint.

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