Local TV

This video was taken by our local TV station for a news item a few days ago. I actually saw it by chance being aired on a dozen TV’s in a shop window in town, so I went to the TV station and asked for a copy. For some reason they decided that I would prefer it without the sound. They’re probably right; it was mostly a couple of local politicians in self-congratulatory mode about the fantastic facility that they have built. Credit where it’s due; it is a jolly nice pool, just don’t mention the changing rooms, which funnily enough neither of them did. It’s a great place to work; spending the mornings in the pool is the only saving grace of the sweaty summer in San Francisco, and I also thoroughly enjoy the folk we work with, both staff and students, and that of course is the most important thing, which money can’t buy and politicians can’t legislate for. I have lamented a couple of times that summer scheme doesn’t run all year round, although in fairness the attraction of an outdoor solar heated pool might wane on those days in June and July after the overnight temperature has dropped to minus three. So we make the most of it while we can, and the video shows us making the most of it, including a few clips of me looking pregnant and working with kiddo from the village.

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