Living in Community

“That big lorry is called Max the dump truck, and the other one is his little sister, Pyjamas” Where on earth did he find that one?

Last week we were in Buenos Aires where I failed to make any progress at all on the paperwork front despite visiting two offices and  trying quite hard, but we did take the kids messing about on the river;

DSC_0004 DSC_0007

followed by four days of team conference;


We celebrated my 40th (flip!) birthday here on Sunday; 



Gonzalo came out of prison on Monday so they’ve been here all week barbecuing meat, receiving visitors, and fixing things around the house; finally the blinds in the dining room actually open, hoorah;


The car’s been in dock since Monday having the bent bits straightened (another hoorah) at the expense of the other guy’s insurance (triple hoorah), so I’ve been confined to riding my bike around the city rather than going out to the villages.  There’s another bunch of people arriving tonight for the weekend.  And I’ve been trying to sort out our forth-coming UK trip; programme is coming together, we should have a car, and I’ve started hunting for the things we need to stock up on.  Underwear is a ridiculous price in Argentina!  Searching ebay for “sports bras” comes up with a choice of search terms… do I want “sports bras” or “ladies sports bras”.  The mind boggles.  And that’s another week disappeared. 

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