Cortex Vortex

This is me briefly coming up for air to write a blog entry…

Happy new year world, hope yours was a good one.  We went north and spent a week in the swimming pool with the rest of the Latin Link team (we did some other things too, but the pool is the bit that Joni is still talking about). 

New Year feels like a long time ago already, I’ve since disappeared into a little vortex.  In the mornings I’m at the disabilities summer scheme (another swimming pool) which keeps me out of the house from 8 till one.  In the afternoons we have a siesta, and then I entertain the kids until they go to bed at nine-thirty or so.  After that I’m filling the evening with secondary school text books; trying to cram into a month and a half what most kids would spread over six years, ready to be examined on it all on an as yet undetermined date at the back end of February.  (Begs the question as to how on earth they normally manage to stretch it out over six years, although I think six weeks is going to be rather tight).

Somewhere around the edges I’m also trying to clean the house, keep up with the emails and admin, and organise a Scout camp for the 23rd-28th.  Meanwhile, the kids are in bed, a geography textbook awaits, but first I’ve promised Joni a jelly for tomorrow, so let’s go fill the unforgiving minute.  

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