Efesios 6

Life’s chugging along as usual, one kid at school, the other trashing the house, the car being fixed; normal service in the Frost household. The car had to go back in to fix the last fix when we realised that they’d left a spanner hanging out of the undercarriage, and the undercarriage itself was dripping oil, fun all the way. But it seems to be OK now, for the next two minutes at least.
I was writing a sermon on and off over the last week or so, on Ephesians 6 (Efesios in Spanish). It’s up under the sermons tab for those who read Spanish or want to look at the pictures. It went down well this morning, received a rousing applause at the end anyway which isn’t how we normally respond to the message. It’s probably a moot point as to whether it’s good or bad that folk like what you say, but it’s nice to be appreciated anyway.

The sun was shining so we took the rest of the day off and went to Devoto, small town half and hour away which has a sizeable plaza and kid’s play area, and an ice-cream shop and a duck pond full of turtles. I don’t know what we’ll do with ourselves when our kids have grown out of thinking of Devoto as an exciting afternoon out, but thankfully that’s a few years away yet.

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